Terms of Service

By using our service, you agree to comply with and agree to the following terms of use and agree to receive restrictions that will be applied to your device/account in EYERCORD services if you violate them.

  • Any attacks on the site or other parts of the service are prohibited.
  • Intentionally creating reports against innocent users for any purpose is prohibited.
  • Any modification of the program code of applications associated with EYERCORD Blacklist is prohibited.
  • Violation of the general conditions for the use of EYERCORD products is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to publish files on our data storage servers that violate the laws of the UK, USA and Ukraine.
  • It is forbidden to publish files or distribute scripts among users of the service that allow you to bypass the protection system of the service and/or can harm the device.

Violations of any terms of service may result in partial or complete restriction of access to the functions of the service. We also use some services of external services for our work, and therefore, for violation of the rules for using their services, we will also apply restrictions to you. Among the services whose terms of service you agree to comply with when using our product are Google, Discord, Amazon (especially AWS terms), Cloudflare and others. Among the restrictions that can be applied to you there is a division into several types. Some of them restrict access only to specific functions, others to the service completely, and some may completely prohibit access to any EYERCORD services. Also, restrictions may be applied to your account, IP address or equipment, depending on the rule violated and the number of violations.